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  • To better accommodate your private event in our restaurant, we require six days (6) in advance to book it; from the beginning contact up to its execution.
  • For instance, if your event is to be scheduled for September 18th, please contact us, at the latest, by September 12th, through our website, email or even by phone call.
  • If your event needs to be scheduled in a period that is less than six days, it may be difficult for us, within our normal operational procedures, to make it happen. An “urgency” fee will be added in our services price for this case.
  • A private event may be cancelled before three (3) days of its scheduled date without any problem. You need to contact us though to confirm the cancellation.
  • As we operate on a daily average number of customers and sales which is supported by the food inventory and employees’ schedule, when a big reservation, or private dining, or catering service is requested and booked, that goes beyond our regular procedures.
  • We need, among other tasks, to place extra orders to our vendors for the extra food/ingredients and that requires immediate payments, as well as rearrange kitchen’s employees schedule to support the event.
  • Three days is the timeline we need to get all this logistic up and running, and we need to ask, from our customer, a pre-authorized non-refundable deposit of 35% of the estimated price, which will guarantee that all costs are covered and from there we can kick start the event preparations.
  • We do believe in the good faith of our customers, but if, for any reason, we have an event cancellation within those three days, we won’t be able to return the food to our suppliers, neither the payments we already did for everything will be refunded to our account.
  • That’s the reason, the 35% preauthorized non-refunded deposit is required to get your private event booked, scheduled, confirmed, and started. We appreciate your understanding and collaboration.